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operationalizing machine learning

Empower your business by operationalizing machine learning

We build A.I. solutions.

As a boutique A.I. firm, we combine deep industry experience and machine learning expertise, hereby successfully enabling leading organizations to grow their top line or strengthening their bottom line, by using artificial intelligence.

Intelligent Process Automation

Employees in every organization are wasting their time with data entry, administration and document processing. 


Replacing such tasks with intelligent algorithms frees time from boring tasks while improving accuracy and consistency, and reducing cost


Engineering & Machine Learning

We build state-of-the-art machine learning solutions for you, as we have been doing for many different industries, using many different types of technologies.



Proof of Concepts

Sometimes it is better to start small before going all in on a new technology or company. POC’s help build trust, and mitigate the chance of expensive failures by focussing on the uncertain and risky parts first.


Intelligent Process Automation

At Faktion, we believe intelligent process automation is a key accelerator in your digital transformation journey. Given the large amount of touchpoints most processes have within your organization, it is important to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of which automation approach is most valuable in each case.



Faktion CTO, Joeri Van Steen, becomes European CTO of the Year

Antwerp (Belgium) – Out of over 100 candidates across Europe, Faktion’s Chief Technology Officer, Joeri Van Steen has been awarded CTO of the Year 2019. Already recognized as the fastest-growing Artificial Intelligence scale-up of 2019 at the DI Summit 2019, Faktion continues to strengthen its reputation as a trusted and high-quality A.I. solution provider in

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